Different Varieties of Blueberries Grown in BC

BC’s climate is ideal for growing blueberry crops. Blueberries overall are a visually attractive crop, easy to grow, and are one plant where purchasing more than one variety is a positive as they’ll cross-pollinate and result in a higher yield. Here are some of the different types of blueberry crops grown in BC.


Duke blueberries are large and light, growing from a white, pink-tinged spring flower. As large berries, they can grow to the size of a quarter, come in an abundance, and contain an unforgettable tangy flavour. First introduced in the mid-1980s, Duke blueberries ripen in late May and are self-pollinating.


Bluecrop blueberries are a great BC blueberry crop, highly adaptable to colder climate conditions. These large berries are perfect to toss in salads, bake into a pie, or to serve with cream. Introduced in the early 1940s, bluecrops ripen in July and are a Canadian favourite. When pollinated with Jersey or Earliblue, the plant yields an even larger crop.


Elliot blueberries come large, flavorful, and firm. They’re perfect for fresh eating and cooking, gracing BC landscapes every spring and ripening in August. The attractive and bright burgundy stems are lovely to watch grow and the plant self-pollinates, blooming late to avoid the spring frost.

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