The Highest Quality Blueberries In The World

BC’s blueberries are some of the most delicious in the world, travelling far and wide from the Fraser Valley abroad. This region of BC has saw blueberry production increase annually for several years, partly because the climate is so perfect and the growing conditions are ideal for the popular fruit. Today, there are thousands of acres used to cultivate BC blueberries and those fields end up producing hundreds of millions of pounds of blueberries every year. Fraser Valley’s one of the largest blueberry growing regions in the world and is a major contributor to Canada’s overall production, which is third in the world.

Although you can grow blueberries in many different conditions, you can’t get the kind of blueberries you get from Fraser Valley anywhere. Down to the climate, soil, environment, and the passion the growers in Fraser Valley put into it, there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. You get hot summer days and cool nights, with a winter that’s just the right conditions to send blueberry plants into a dormant phase and prep them for the year to follow. Across the province, there’s more than 600 growers and the vast majority of those lay in the Fraser Valley. Fresh or frozen, a BC blueberry is going to be the most delicious you taste.

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